Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Tools for Samsung WhatsApp Messages Backup

This post explains two effective ways to back up and restore WhatsApp messages on Samsung Galaxy S7(Edge)/S6(Edge)/S5/S4, Galaxy Note7/Note5/Note4, etc.

If you have unfortunately lost your WhatsApp messages, then you'd better refer to this guide to recover deleted WhatsApp messages on Samsung.

Sometimes the smartphones can somehow crash in daily use, but you will never know when they will stop working. Therefore, in case of losing important data, you should make it a habit to back up your phone’s data regularly.

It is certain that your Samsung device stores lots of important data, especially some WhatsApp conversations which mean a lot to you. Of course, you don’t want to lose any of them. For this, here we show you how to back up and restore WhatsApp messages on Samsung Galaxy S7(Edge)/S6(Edge)/S5/S4, Galaxy Note7/Note5/Note4 and etc.

Solution 1: Jihosoft WhatsMate for Samsung WhatsApp Backup

Here we firstly recommend you Jihosoft WhatsMate, a professional and efficient WhatsApp manger. This tool can help you quickly and selectively back up WhatsApp messages, contacts, call logs, photos, videos and voice messages from Samsung Galaxy to PC. And once you lose important WhatsApp files, you can restore it from the backup file. It will never overwrite data on your Samsung device or computer. What’s more, if you want to transfer WhatsApp files between Samsung and iPhone and even recover deleted WhatsApp data without backup, this powerful tool can also help you.

1. Run the program, and choose “Backup WhatsApp Data to Computer”.

2. Connect your Samsung device to PC. When the program has identified the device, click “Next” and the program starts scanning the device.

3. Once the program finishes analyzing WhatsApp data on your device, select the WhatsApp files you want and then click the “Backup” button.

Once you back up WhatsApp chat on Samsung Galaxy to PC with Jihosoft WhatsMate, you can restore them at any time. You just need to choose “Restore WhatsApp Data form Backup File” on the program’s hompage > connect your phone to PC > click “Next” > choose a backup file to restore > click “Restore”.

Yet, Jihosoft WhatsMate has to be installed on computer. If you don’t have computer, then Google Drive might be a good choice for you to save WhatsApp messages on Samsung Galaxy.

Solution 2: Google Drive for Samsung WhatsApp Conversations Backup

Google Drive can let you regularly back up WhatsApp messages together with videos on Samsung. Yet you should note that every time you create a backup with your Google Drive account, the previous Google Drive backup will be overwritten by the new one and it is impossible to restore the older Google Drive backup.

Note: Make sure that your Samsung device has synced with Google Drive.

1. Run WhatsApp.
2. Go to Menu Button > Settings > Chat Settings > Chat backup.
3. Tap “Back Up to Google Drive” and choose the backup frequency to backup WhatsApp conversations periodically, or you can tap “Back Up” to export your messages to Google Drive immediately.

To restore WhatsApp messages from Google Drive is pretty simple: uninstall WhatsApp > reinstall WhatsApp > open WhatsApp and verify your phone number > tap “Restore” when prompt you to restore WhatsApp chats and media from Google Drive backup.

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