Thursday, June 8, 2017

Android WhatsApp Recovery: Recover WhatsApp Chats, Photos, Videos and etc

I accidentally downloaded a malicious app on my Samsung, and my phone was infected by virus and then crashed. I had no choice but to reset it, so all my WhatsApp messages have gone. Any tool for Android WhatsApp recovery? Please help me!, said Henry.

Actually there are various reasons that may cause WhatsApp data loss on Android mobile, for example improper operation, system upgrade, phone crash and etc. If you have backed up before, then you can easily restore WhatsApp from backup file. However, under the condition that you dont have backup, you need a tool to recover deleted WhatsApp messages on your Android.

Jihosoft WhatsMate for Android WhatsApp Recovery

When you look around, there must be lots of WhatsApp recovery tools for option. If you have no idea which one to pick up to recover deleted files from WhatsApp on Android, we recommend you a great WhatsApp management software - Jihosoft WhatsMate. You can use this tool to recover deleted WhatsApp messages, photos and other files on Android without backup, and export them to your computer. Also this program enables you to preview the deleted files before recovery and you can select the ones you need to recover.

How to Recover Deleted Files from WhatsApp on Android?

Next, this post will show you how to use this tool to recover deleted WhatsApp data from Android. Before we start, please download and install WhatsMate on your computer.

Now launch the program, and choose Recover deleted/lost WhatsApp data.

Connect Android to PC, and then click Start Scan when prompted. Then the program begins scanning your device.
Note: Please remember to switch on USB debugging on your Android and install the right USB driver on your computer. This is to make sure that your phone can be recognized by the program.

When scan stops, you can preview the scan result, and click Recover to recover the deleted WhatsApp data from Android to PC.

Apart from recovering files from WhatsApp on Android, Jihosoft WhatsMate also has other great features like these:

- Backup & restore WhatsApp data on almost all Android and iOS devices
- Transfer various kinds of WhatsApp files between Android & iOS devices
- Never overwrite existing data on Android and computer
- 100% safe, effective and user-friendly

Tips for Preventing WhatsApp Data Loss on Android

1. Once your WhatsApp messages have been deleted, dont operate your phone at all because any operation may cause your messages lost permanently.
2. You can also use Jihosoft WhatsMate to back up WhatsApp messages on Android to computer for safe keeping.

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