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Restore WhatsApp Contacts on Android: Fix WhatsApp Contact Missing

If your WhatsApp contacts are not showing, here are the tricks to restore Android WhatsApp contacts.

Why are my contacts not showing in WhatsApp contact list? How to get back WhatsApp contacts on Android? Rest assured, you can fix it easily without all that running around. Here are some tips and tricks about how to restore WhatsApp phone numbers, please select the best one according to your situation.

Case 1. Retrieve WhatsApp Contacts from Phonebook in Android

When you find your WhatsApp contacts all disappear from the Select Contact List, it might be a slight glitch. You can try these little tricks to find and solve the bug:
- Make sure that the contact person also use WhatsApp Messenger and you have his/her phone number in your phone book.
- Make sure that WhatsApp has access to your Address book.
- Make all your contacts “not visible” and then “visible” to force a contact list refresh on your Android. Then open WhatsApp, and go to the contact list and hit “Refresh”.

If the above tricks do not work, please turn off your phone to remove the SIM card and insert it again, then restart your Android. That might solve your problem of missing contacts or newly added contacts not showing in WhatsApp.

Case 2. Restore Android WhatsApp Contacts from Backup

How to recover deleted WhatsApp contacts on your Android? Actually, if you use this WhatsApp Backup tool to backup your WhatsApp contacts to computer previously, you are able to restore WhatsApp contacts on Android from the backup file.

Unlike restoring the local WhatsApp backup from your phone memory, which forces you to restore the entire backup file and replace your current WhatsApp data, this tool lets you selectively choose any call log you want to restore back to your phone without erasing any existing data.

When you connect your Android to PC the program will automatically load all the backup files found on your computer, and the next step for you to do is to select a backup file to analyze.

As with the picture shown below, you can tick all or some of the contacts. After you hit the RESTORE button, those selected items will be written back to your Android.

It is worth noting that the backup file used in this method is not the one that created in your Android device with WhatsApp’s built-in backup feature.

Case 3. Restore Deleted WhatsApp Contacts from Android

It doesn’t matter even if you don’t have backup file. Because the tool mentioned earlier can also be used as a WhatsApp contact recovery tool for Android phones. Hence, when you lost your WhatsApp contacts due to accidental deletion, you can make use of this tool.

But even so, it is not 100% effective as the deleted data may be overwritten by newly generated data. So, the earlier you take steps, the more likely you are able to retrieve WhatsApp contacts. Let’s get to it!

After launching the tool, get into the WhatsApp recovery mode and plug your phone to the computer to let the program scans your Android for the deleted WhatsApp contacts.

Once the scan finishes, you can pick up your deleted WhatsApp contacts from the list and hit the RECOVER button to export them to your computer in HTML, CSV, and PDF formats.

Warm tip:
If you want to restore the deleted WhatsApp numbers back to your Android, please go back and follow the steps of Case 2.


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